The Top 6 Benefits of Group Fitness – Surge Fitness

We know it can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym sometimes. Your workout buddy always bails at the last minute and you would rather sleep in or go home to watch Netflix after a long day.

If you’re thinking “that’s so me” then we have some good news for you in the form of group fitness classes at Surge Fitness.

Fitness classes offer a huge range of benefits – in fact we recently named group fitness a top fitness trend for 2019. Here are our top 6 reasons to book in ASAP.

Combining Fun And Fitness

The biggest benefit – aside from fitness gains – might be how fun our classes are. Our group fitness instructors make sure you’re having a great time and getting a solid workout.

Plus with classes called Body Pump, Training For Warriors, Core Blast and Sunset Vinyasa Yoga offered at our WA gyms you just know you’re going to enjoy the class.

Camaraderie And (Healthy) Competition

In a group fitness class you never have to sweat it out alone. Perfect for people who need a bit of a push to complete that last set or want a workout partner on their level.

Classes like Fit2Box will get you “in the ring” in a safe way while the huge variety of yoga classes are both social and stress-reducing. Our talented instructors will pair you up with the right person every time.

No Planning Necessary

Between work, family and a social life it can be hard to plan your gym routine a week out. One of the best things about Surge Fitness classes is members don’t have to book for most sessions.

Check the class timetable online to find a class that sounds interesting, then arrive 5 minutes beforehand with your water bottle and a sweat towel. Easy as that!

Benefits Of PT Without The Cost

At almost any WA gym a personal training session will set you back a few dollars. For those looking to get fit on a budget, group fitness is a great solution.

Every fitness class, from Stretch & Release to Metafit, is led by a qualified and experienced instructor. They will keep an eye on form and make sure you are getting the most benefit for your body.

Workout Variety

Workout plateau happens when you can’t find the motivation to break through to a higher weight, crank out more reps, or hold that headstand for a few more seconds.

Trying a new group fitness class will not only refresh your routine but it can also give you strength and balance in areas you might be overlooking.

All Fitness Levels

By catering to all ability levels group fitness classes are a safe and healthy way to get moving for the first time, break a new kind of sweat, or re-train expert muscles to do something a bit different.

Our instructors are experienced with every kind of athlete from first-timers to serious gym junkies, so you’re guaranteed to get what you need from a fitness class.

Group Fitness for Everyone At Surge Fitness

Group fitness is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of a push, doesn’t like working out alone or just wants something new to mix up the routine.

Check out the huge range of classes on offer at Surge Fitness to find a class that suits your fitness goals. We’ll see you in the group fitness room!