Feel like you have no time to fit in exercise alongside your corporate job? While building your career is important, taking care of your health and wellbeing is critical. From sitting hunched over at desks all day to feeling overwhelmed with the demands of the corporate world, exercise is essential in taking good care of your physical and mental health.

Why Exercise Matters

From improving your overall fitness to maintaining good mental health, exercise has a plethora of benefits for the mind and body. Plus, a healthier and happier you means a more productive and sustainable work life.

For Your Body

  • Control weight

    • A regular exercise routine, combined with a nutritious diet, can help you keep your weight under control.
  • Build fitness and endurance

    • Enhance your cardiovascular health and build on your fitness and endurance to stay active and energetic in and out of the gym.
  • Maintain strong muscles and bones

    • Keep your muscles and bones healthy and avoid injury by building bone density and reducing the loss of muscle mass and function.
  • Minimise risks of disease

    • Exercise is proven to minimise your risk of developing a number of chronic and debilitating diseases.
  • Reduce pain

    • Pain and aches from everyday life can be minimised and alleviated with a regular exercise routine.

For Your Mind

  • Feel happier

    • Exercise has been shown to improve your mood, decrease negative feelings and help you better manage stress and anxiety.
  • Increase energy

    • Boost your energy levels in and out of the gym by sticking to a regular workout schedule.
  • Enhance productivity and memory

    • Exercise works to improve brain function and aids in protecting and enhancing your memory.
  • Aid in sleep quality

    • A regular exercise routine has been proven to show an increase in relaxation and sleep quality. With a good night’s sleep, you can head to work the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Make Time for Exercise

Life gets busy. Between your professional and personal commitments, it can be hard to schedule in a good time to work out. But, if you really want to get serious about your health and wellbeing, we can help you make it happen. Surge Fitness gyms are open early in the morning, during lunch breaks and after work to ensure that you can find a time to come through. Why not rally up some colleagues to join you to stay motivated and accountable?

Get into Shape with Surge Fitness

If you’ve got a tight schedule packed full with meetings, appointments and deadlines, finding the time to exercise can be tough. At Surge Fitness, our gyms in Perth make exercise more accessible and achievable for even the busiest people. Pop in for a quick lunchtime session, join in on a group fitness class before work starts or stop past on your way home to get your workout in for the day.

Find out more about our gyms in Northbridge, West Perth and the wider region. Contact your local club today.