Traditionally, women’s gyms have been filled with cardio equipment, light weights and low impact exercises. Now, all of that is changing. No longer just a men’s playground, more women are pushing themselves further and are achieving their goals with strength training.

While low impact and cardio exercises are extremely effective for overall fitness and toning, they work best in conjunction with weights and strength training. If you’re just starting your fitness journey or if you’re interested in transforming the shape and proportions of your body, find out why strength training at Surge Fitness is for you.


Strength training is a type of workout that utilises resistance to induce muscular contraction. In simple terms, strength training involves lifting heavy weights or completing exercises with resistance to train your muscles to become stronger.


Many women fear bulking up and appearing too ‘masculine’ from strength training. While you will gain muscle from strength training, you won’t gain bulk. When you lift heavy weights, muscles get stronger but not necessarily bigger. Your muscles get stronger and denser and you burn the fat sitting on top of the muscle to create a toned appearance.

Let’s dispel the myth that heavy weights equal bulky bodies. It’s simply not true. Strength training helps to define curves and build on areas to create a strong and toned physique. At Surge Fitness, our trainers are always on hand to provide advice on form and exercises for you to make the most out of your strength training.



While cardio might seem to burn more calories than strength training in a comparable time, strength training actually helps you burn more calories overall. When you strength train, muscles are broken down then rebuilt. As your body rebuilds muscles, it utilises more calories and energy – also known as the ‘afterburn’ effect.

Plus, as muscle accounts for around a third of a woman’s weight, it significantly affects the metabolism. Muscle is metabolically active, helping to burn calories even when you’re not in the gym. As your muscles are broken down then rebuilt once your workout is over, you’ll burn even more calories naturally without even trying. You’ll become stronger and fitter and can burn more calories to lose weight – if that’s your goal.


Able to boost the metabolism, strength training makes our bodies more sensitive to insulin and more durable against certain diseases. For women, research suggests that strength training may lower risks for Type 2 diabetes and may correct issues contributing to heart disease, including cholesterol, obesity, inactivity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Research shows that women who do strength training are more likely to have a healthier diet, lower body mass index and avoid smoking – all contributors to preventing disease and maintaining good health.


Since we’ve dispelled the bulking myth, let’s talk about what strength training will actually do for your physique. After consistent and regular strength training with compound exercises and the appropriate resistance and weights, you’ll start to see results.

As all women have different bodies, metabolisms and shapes, strength training results are unique to each person. However, many women find that their waists become tighter, arms and legs become more toned, buttocks begin to look lifted and trouble areas with excess flab and fat begin to minimise.


A strong and toned body works wonders for your confidence levels. If you’ve felt self-conscious about tighter and more revealing clothing – or the dreaded bikini – strength training can help you build confidence by toning and transforming your physique.

By building on your strength, you’ll also feel more confident in everyday tasks and activities. You’ll have the ability to lift heavier objects and complete tasks that require significant strength, allowing you to feel more independent and capable of handling things on your own.


At Surge Fitness, we’re proud to foster a welcoming and warm environment for members of all genders, ages and fitness and strength levels. We love seeing our members kick goals and accomplish what they thought was impossible – especially when it comes to getting stronger and fitter.

If you’re interested in starting your strength training journey, chat with our personal trainers for guidance on proper form, weights and exercises to get you started. Our PTs have programs designed specifically for women to both target certain areas and gain strength across the board.

Contact us today on 9408 5659 for advice on memberships, services and support.

Important Information Regarding Your Surge Fitness Membership.

Yesterday’s announcement from our Prime Minister ordering the immediate closure of Fitness Facilities across the nation is significant a blow to all of us across many Industries. We understand that this decision has been based on the best advice currently available to those responsible for our safety and with the Impending state border closures, and increasing community concerns, meant that this decision was unavoidable.

As such, it is with great sadness that we today announce that all Surge Fitness clubs will temporarily close, effective from 12pm today, Monday 23rd March 2020.

At Surge Fitness, we believe that we can make a difference, change lives and build healthy communities. As a brand, we still have a lot of work to do and we all believe that we can continue to positively impact our members and the local communities at large during this time of uncertainty.

Like many of you, our business is facing unprecedented impacts both on our people and our business and we will continue to work through the issues together as effectively as possible.

During this time of closure, all memberships will be placed on complimentary freeze until we are in a position to resume our regular services. Surge Fitness has been working on contingency plans throughout the past few weeks to provide ongoing services to our members such as online & virtual training platforms including numerous resources to help support our members physical and mental health well-being.

Further announcements will be made in the coming days with communications to be published both on our social media platforms and via email once the government has clarified their position regarding the forced closure directive.

On behalf of all of the team at Surge Fitness we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support over the years. As a team we have shared some memorable experiences with you all. Today's forced closure is just a minor setback in our Health & Fitness journey together.