Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor

We promise our members a safe, caring and engaging environment to achieve their health and fitness goals. That is why we recruit fitness professionals who have the skills, qualifications and experience to guide them on their journey. Our timetables feature a combination of Les Mills, Surge Balance programs such as Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Reformer Pilates, freestyle Cycle with Stages Bikes and Power Meters (the official bike of Team Sky/USA. Our studios and functional training zones have been configured to provide the ultimate boutique and immersive Group Training experience. Our intimate and deeply engaging, group training spaces are the home of our all LIVE & Virtual Cycle classes and host some of our new Surge Connect team functional training. “ANYONE CAN MAKE SOMEONE TIRED. NOT EVERY COACH CAN MAKE SOMEONE BETTER.”-Martin Rooney Work Perks our GFI team benefit from: Initial and continued training and support. Opportunities to help out in our community. Monthly/Quarterly workshops to enhance team building & member experience. Access to gain on-going qualifications and further education through our network of affiliates. Complimentary gym membership. Discounted membership for family. Access to industry partner discounts and staff benefits. Access to the Surge Fitness Academy where you can obtain a Cert 3/4 in Fitness or become a qualified S Connect, Surge Beats Cycle coach with one of our expert course mentors. As an industry leader, Surge Fitness is a proud affiliate and host of several recognised industry partners including FTI, Fit Well, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Studio Pilates, FTI, TRX, Mike Finch Animal Flow, Les Mills, Jill Miller, Yoga Training Australia, Martin Rooney Training for Warriors and many more

Surge Fitness GX Intern Program

Did you know… that all your favourite instructors were once members of a club too. Just like you?

Did you know… that at Surge Fitness, we allow our GFIs to create their own playlists with original music for all freestyle and Surge signature programs? (No covers here).

Did you know… that working as a GFI is one of the most flexible, creative and fun careers you can have?

Did you know… that many of our GFIs are parents and love the flexibility of working around school hours?

Did you know…that many of our GFIs work full and part-time in other roles too! Corporate by day- GX rock star by night! They work FIFO, office, classroom, cafe and even hospital wards!

Did you know…. that our GX team are just as diverse a a community as our members? We have so much variety of age, background, experience and culture on our team! This is what makes working out and workingin Surge Fitness so rewarding.

Did you know that you don’t have to be the “strongest ”“fittest” or “fastest” person to be the best coach. You just need to be the most “caring”, “safest” and excited”. You need to be genuinely excited to see progress and confidence grow in others.

Our unique Surge Fitness GX Intern Program provides coaching, mentorship and qualification to eligible members of our community seeking to start or further a career in Group Fitness Instruction.

The next intake for Surge Fitness GX IP commences early 2022 and will include complimentary shadowing, mentoring and scholarships for instructors whishing to teach the following programs:

Reformer Pilates

Rhythm Cycle Metric


S Connect: HIIT, Functional Training, HR Training, Boxing, Kick Boxing

All training completed will result in certification with the opportunity to gain paid employment as a GFI on the Surge Fitness timetable inspiring our members to live a healthier lifestyle. Some programs may require a base qualification such as a cert 3 in fitness or GEL. In these instances, we can provide support by referring suitable candidates to our industry partners for a significantly discounted bridging course.


Stuart Sullivan

I know i've succeeded each class when clients take the time to personally come and say thank you for a great workout, job appreciation =job satisfaction


What do you like about working at Surge?

I enjoy working at Surge and teaching S Connect because I fee lfully supported by Surge management and encouraged to be the best version ofme. My work colleagues whether at reception, other GFI's, personal   trainers or back office staff are all very friendly and i feel like thereis a culture of a family inside the workplace which I like.


What makes you proud to do what you do?

I personally enjoy participating in group fitness functionalexercises and I really like the community feel that has been developed alongwith the introduction of technology wearables to create that trackable andcompetitive edge to each class.   With a great mix of member demographicsat Surge it helps me to stay relevant, and focussed on delivering withexcellence while providing a diverse and enjoyable mix of exercises, as I sayto my clients "if it's a movement you don't normally do, Thatis where I will take you" . The structure of S connect gives mefreedom to tailor classes inside the boundaries of a research based exerciseroutine, which is a freedom I enjoy.


What do you do outside of the gym?

I am currently studying to expand my fitnessqualifications, this takes up a fair amount of my time, outside of this i liketo take on projects for example i recently renovated an apartment and I alsocompleted a refurbishment of an old vehicle, on a fitness point of view I amcurrently training for a triathlon, but mostly i like to get out in thewilderness and run or hike long challenges, I am always on the move looking forareas that keep me active. .