Ever find yourself losing motivation, skipping reps or giving up early on exercises at the gym? Group fitness sessions could be right for you. From the high-energy motivation of an experienced trainer to the excitement and encouragement of your fellow classmates, group fitness sessions offer an effective and fun alternative to solo exercising.

From slow and steady body balance classes to HIIT and strength training, local gyms offer a plethora of group fitness sessions to suit all exercise styles, preferences and overall goals.

Benefits of Group Fitness Sessions

Group fitness sessions are growing in popularity. With so many different styles on offer, people of all fitness levels are discovering the benefits and rewards of group fitness.

Get Fit and Make Friends

Going to the gym can sometimes feel like an isolating and individual experience. While everyone is on their own fitness journey, a group fitness class allows you to meet likeminded, motivated people with similar goals to you. From pushing through those last few reps to stretching that bit further, you can create meaningful relationships in group fitness classes.

You may even end up spending time outside of the gym, embarking on new fitness challenges and setting goals to help each other stay accountable.

Gain Motivation

If you find yourself slacking or losing motivation, a group fitness session is right up your alley. From helping you discover new movements and exercises to keeping you on track for finishing up your workout, you can achieve and maintain your goals quicker thanks to the motivating atmosphere of a group fitness session. From your classmates to your instructors, you’ll find yourself pushing harder in the atmosphere of a group session.

Improve Your Form

Regardless of the exercise, the best results are achieved with correct form. Not only that, you’ll also prevent and avoid injury to keep you on your fitness journey. In a group session, you’ll be able to receive feedback and modifications from your instructor to help you improve and perfect your form in a supportive environment.

Cater to Your Fitness Goals

With so many classes and group sessions available at local gyms, you’re bound to find a perfect match – or a number of them. From aerobic classes for working on your cardio to weight training sessions for building strength and muscular endurance, you’ll find a class that caters to your fitness goals. You can even try out new exercise styles with the support of an experienced instructor to guide you.

Group Fitness Classes in Perth

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Learn more about group fitness classes and sessions in Perth. Contact us to find out more about our range of sessions and membership perks.