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Joining a gym used to mean sweating it out alone. At best some lucky gym-goers would have a workout buddy, but if they bailed on a workout it meant finding the motivation to go it alone.

Today the landscape has changed. Social gyms in Perth are increasingly popular as people look for camaraderie and a supportive atmosphere.

At Surge Fitness we encourage a social gym community for those who want to make friends or find a new workout partner. Group fitness classes are a great place to start, and there are other ways to socialise while you get in a workout.

Group Fitness Classes

Gym classes enable you to try something new in a supportive environment. Under the keen eye of our expert instructors you will learn new fitness techniques and meet like-minded people.

Finding a workout buddy in your favourite group fitness class is a great motivator to keep coming back. Once you commit to meeting your friend for class, you’re far less likely to cancel – and you’ll want to catch up on all the gossip since last time!

Plus, if you’re both around the same fitness level, mutual support and a little healthy competition will help you push through fitness targets and reach your goals.

Need more convincing? Read our top 6 benefits for trying a group fitness class.

If you are looking for a workout buddy but nervous to approach new people, have a chat to your instructor before or after class. Where possible they can help you pair up with someone around your fitness level for a better workout.

The Whole Family Can Socialise

Surge Fitness is not just a social gym for adults. We are committed to building healthy lifestyle habits from a young age through Surge Juniors and free classes for kids aged 4 to 13.

We also have supervised crèche facilities at several of our Perth gyms for the little ones to play while Mums and Dads get in a workout or attend a group fitness class.

Kids fitness classes build social skills, encourage positive lifestyle habits and encourage kids to value fitness from a young age.

Getting Social At The Gym

Surge Fitness welcomes everyone of all fitness levels, ages and abilities. If you’ve got fitness goals, we will help you achieve them.

Just remember when you’re in the gym that each person is there for a different reason. Some people may not be open to socialising while they’re sweating it out, and that’s OK. We encourage a social gym environment where everyone feels respected while improving their fitness and lifestyle.

Get Fit And Socialise With Surge Fitness

Surge Fitness are here to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to go it alone.

With a huge range of group fitness classes available day and night in our Perth gyms, there is guaranteed to be a class for you.

You never know; your workout buddy could also become a good friend outside the gym!