Why is Exercise Important for your Mental Health?

We all know exercise has great physical benefits, such as reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. However, there are some mental health benefits you should know about as well. Exercise makes you feel good due to the mood boosting chemicals it releases in your body called endorphins. It has also been suggested people who exercise regularly have lowers levels of depression due to the “runners high” you get after exercising, which in turn makes you feel more positive about life. These chemicals contribute to improvements in your mood, self-confidence, memory, sleep and stress levels.

According to Anxiety Australia, regular physical exercise is an effective method for reducing stress as exercise is the body’s natural outlet for when it’s in the fight or flight state. There are a number of studies to suggest exercise reduces symptoms of ADHD and improved cognitive performance.

Develop a Schedule

When we set a specific time aside dedicated to exercise, we are much more likely to commit. Sticking to a routine may be difficult, but after a couple of weeks exercising will become a positive habit for you. If you’re a bit of a night owl or you can only manage to exercise at strange hours, Surge Fitness has you sorted. Our 24-hour gyms mean you can exercise anytime you want!

Don’t Know Where to Start? Get a Personal Trainer

Going to the gym can be a confusing time for many of us. What do all of those machines do? How do I use them? What is the right exercise for me to achieve my fitness goals? Our Personal Trainers are here to answer all of your questions, as well as motivate and instruct you on the best way to exercise. Check out their individual bios to learn about each trainer at your local gym.

Need Motivation? Enrol in Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are great for keeping you motivated. When you feel you are only accountable to yourself, it’s easy to justify reasons why you can’t make a workout. Group fitness classes provide a fun environment to exercise in and also give you a sense of community. Surge has a range of fitness classes covering all aspects of the aerobics spectrum. Discover our range of fitness classes here.

Get the Kids Involved!

It’s important to keep your children active to ensure healthy lifestyle habits from an early age. There are many benefits associated with getting kids into exercise, including stronger muscles and bones, a more positive outlook on life, a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, and leaner bodies. Surge is not only for adults but is also a kids fitness gym. Surge provides complimentary structured programs for kids aged 4 to 13, with different time slots throughout the week to suit your timetables.

We all need a little motivating from time to time, which is why joining a group fitness class like BodyPump, or hiring a personal trainer, can be so vital to our wellbeing. Exercise Right Week is here to remind us of why we need to keep active for both mental and physical purposes. Sometimes, all you need to do is make a few small changes, such as sticking to a schedule, and you’ll be back to looking and feeling your best!