Fitness Timetable and Location | Surge Fitness


Kings Square, Perth CBD
Two Forty, Perth CBD
07:45Sconnect Contender 7:45am30 minutesGym FloorChristine Barnes
08:15Hiit Strength 8:15am30 minutesStudio 2Christine Barnes
08:30Rpm 8:30am45 minutesStudio 1Andre Meyers
09:00Body Pump 9:00am45 minutesStudio 2Sharon Dyson
10:00Body Combat 10:00am50 minutesStudio 2Sharon Dyson
11:00Yoga 11:00am60 minutesStudio 2Sheri Foskett
08:30Tabata 8.30am45 minutesStudio 2Lisa S
08:30Rpm Extreme 8.30am60 minutesStudio 1Andre Meyers
09:30Body Pump 9.30am60 minutesStudio 2Lisa S
08:30Body Pump 8.30am45 minutesStudio 2Joanne Reakes
09:00Connect Iron Horse 9.00am30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectJakeb Byfield
09:30Body Combat 9.30am50 minutesStudio 2Charlene Lan
09:45S Connect Loaded 9.45am30 minutesGym FloorJakeb Byfield
10:30Mat Pilates 10.30am60 minutesStudio 2Amanda Sayers
17:30S Connect Absoglutely30 minutesGym FloorLeilane K
17:45Abt 5.45pm45 minutesStudio 2Tamara M
18:00Cycle 6pm45 minutesStudio 1Matt Dewar
18:30Body Pump 6.30pm45 minutesStudio 2Emma Hinchliffe
19:30Yoga 7.30pm60 minutesStudio 2Sheri Foskett
05:45Body Combat 5.45am45 minutesStudio 2Kathryn D
08:30Body Balance 8.30am50 minutesStudio 2Angie Brooks
09:00S Connect Redline 9.00am30 minutesGym FloorJakeb Byfield
09:30Body Pump 9.30am45 minutesStudio 2Lisa S
10:30Yoga 10.30am60 minutesStudio 2Sheri Foskett
10:30Sconnect Contender10.30am30 minutesGym FloorTamara M
17:00Body Combat 5.00pm45 minutesStudio 2Helen Hopkins
17:30S Connect Redline 5.30pm30 minutesGym FloorChristine Barnes
17:45Fit Step 5.45pm45 minutesStudio 2Lisa Thom
18:00Cycle 6.00pm45 minutesStudio 1Chris Barnes
18:30Body Pump 6.30pm45 minutesStudio 2Elwyn Lan
05:45Rpm 5.45am45 minutesStudio 1Andrew R
08:30Body Combat 8.30am50 minutesStudio 2Joanne Reakes
09:00S Connect Iron Horse 9am30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectChris D
09:00S Connect Loaded30 minutesGym FloorTamara M
09:30Matt Pilates 9.30am50 minutesStudio 2Lisa Thom
10:30Body Pump 10.30am60 minutesStudio 2Sarah Musgrave
17:00Body Pump 5pm45 minutesStudio 2Lisa Minnich
17:30Sconnect Contender 5.30pm30 minutesGym FloorShar Twyman
18:00Body Attack Express 6pm30 minutesStudio 2Shannon Smoje
18:00S Connect Iron Horse 6pm30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectJakeb
19:00Body Balance 7pm60 minutesStudio 2Jane Stacey
05:45S Connect Loaded 5.45am30 minutesGym FloorTamara Morton
09:00S Connect Contender 9am30 minutesGym FloorJakeb B
09:00Body Attack 9am60 minutesStudio 2Lisa Shearon
09:15Rpm 9.15am45 minutesStudio 1Rachel A
10:30Body Balance 10.30am60 minutesStudio 2Angie Brook
17:00S Connect Iron Horse 5pm30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectJakeb Byfield
17:30Body Attack 5.30pm55 minutesStudio 2Lisa Shearon
18:30Yoga 6.30pm60 minutesStudio 2Sheri Foskett
05:45Rpm 5:45am45 minutesStudio 1Andre Meyer
08:30Mat Pilates 8:30am50 minutesStudio 2Fiona Wong
09:00S Connect Atomic 9:00am30 minutesGym FloorShar Twyman
09:30Body Pump 9:30am45 minutesStudio 2Hala Zygaldo
09:30Cycle 9:30am45 minutesStudio 1Matt Dewar
09:45Sconnect Contender 9:45am30 minutesGym FloorShar Twyman
10:30Club Fiesta 10.30am60 minutesStudio 2Hala Zygaldo
08:00Cycle 8:00am45 minutesStudio 1Chev
08:00Body Combat 8am45 minutesStudio 2Helen Hopkins
08:30Conect Absoglutely 8:30am30 minutesGym FloorChris
09:00Connect Redline 9:00am30 minutesGym FloorChris
09:00Pump 9:00am45 minutesStudio 2Chev
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioRachael
10:00Vinyasa Yoga 10:00am60 minutesStudio 2Christine
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioRachael
08:00Cycle 30 Mins Express30 minutesStudio 1Leilane
08:45Tabata45 minutesStudio 2Leilane
05:30Connect Loaded 5:30am30 minutesGym FloorChris
08:45Lesmils Bodyattack 8:45am45 minutesStudio 2Lisa
09:30Connect : Kickass30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectViresh
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioAimee
10:00Junglebody Konga 10:00am45 minutesStudio 2Nashana
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioAimee
10:45Vinyasa Yoga 10:45am45 minutesStudio 2Christine
17:30Connect : Absoglutely30 minutesGym FloorSam
17:30Balance Reformer 5:30pm45 minutesReformer StudioAntonio
17:30Cycle 5:30pm45 minutesStudio 1Oscar
17:30Step 5:30pm30 minutesStudio 2Lisa
18:00Hiit 6:00pm30 minutesStudio 2Lisa
18:15Balance Reformer 6:15pm45 minutesReformer StudioAntonio
18:30Vinyasa Yoga 6:30pm45 minutesStudio 2Christine Dixon
05:30Balance Reformer 5:30am45 minutesReformer StudioJamie
05:30Pump 5:30am45 minutesStudio 2Krista
09:00Bodycombat 9:00am45 minutesStudio 2Helen
09:00Connect Iron Horse 9:00am30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectSam
09:30Connect : Atomic 9:30am30 minutesGym FloorTim
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioJamie
10:00Pump 10:00am45 minutesStudio 2Chev
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioJaime
17:30Balance Reformer 5:30pm45 minutesReformer StudioFiona
18:00Connect Loaded 6:00pm30 minutesGym FloorSam
18:15Cycle 6:15pm30 minutesStudio 1Sonja
18:15Reformer Balance 6.15pm45 minutesReformer StudioFiona
18:30Vinyasa Yoga 6:30pm45 minutesStudio 2Kiki
05:30Cycle 05:30am30 minutesStudio 1Leilane
06:15S Counterstrike 6:15am30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectLeilane
09:00Connect Counterstrike 9am30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectViresh
09:00Cycle 9:00am30 minutesStudio 1Kristina
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioAimee
09:30Absoglutley 9:30am30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectLeilane
10:00Mat Pilates45 minutesStudio 2Tamara
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioAimee
17:30Connect Contender 5:30pm30 minutesGym FloorViresh
17:30Balance Reformer 5:30pm45 minutesReformer StudioAntonio
17:30Pump 5:30pm45 minutesStudio 2Kat
17:30Iron Horse 5:30pm30 minutesStudio 1 S ConnectChris
18:00Connect Redline 6:00pm30 minutesGym FloorTahlia
18:30Sconnect Gravity 6:30pm30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectAntonio
05:30Pump 5:30am45 minutesStudio 2Krista
09:30S Connect Redline 9:30am30 minutesGym FloorTahlia
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioAmy
09:30Pump 9:30am45 minutesStudio 2Mel
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioAmy
10:30Vinyasa Yoga 10:30am45 minutesStudio 2Mel
17:30Connect : Counterstrike30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectViresh
17:30Connect Atomic 5:30pm30 minutesGym FloorTim
18:00Hiit 6pm30 minutesStudio 2Tamara
18:15Cycle 6:15pm45 minutesStudio 1Oscar
18:30Mat Pilates 6.30pm45 minutesStudio 2Tamara
05:30Redline 5:30am30 minutesGym FloorChris
06:00Balance Reformer 6:00am45 minutesReformer StudioAmanda
08:45Abt30 minutesStudio 2Leilane
09:30Balance Reformer 9:30am45 minutesReformer StudioAmanda
09:30Connect : Counterstrike30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectLeilane
10:00Connect : Gravity30 minutesStudio 2 S ConnectAntonio
10:15Balance Reformer 10:15am45 minutesReformer StudioAmanda
16:45Balance Reformer 4:45pm45 minutesReformer StudioAntonio
17:30Vinyasa Yoga 5:30pm60 minutesStudio 2Christine
17:30Balance Reformer 5:30pm45 minutesReformer StudioAntonio
08:15Contender 8:15am30 minutesS Connect ClassesAntonio
09:00Reformer 9:00am45 minutesBalance StudioAntonio
12:00Redline 12:00pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
12:15Reformer 12:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioJess
12:30Contender 12:30pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
17:15Absoglutely 5:15pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
17:45Yin Yoga 5:45pm45 minutesBalance StudioMia
07:15Reformer 7:15am45 minutesBalance StudioAntonio
12:00Pump 12:00pm30 minutesGroup Fit StudioAntonio
12:15Power Yoga 12:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioMark
12:30Annihilator 12:30pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesAntonio
16:30Mat Pilates 4:30pm45 minutesBalance StudioFern
17:15Redline 5:15pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesAntonio
17:15Reformer 5:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioFern
07:15Loaded 7:15am30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
07:15Vinyasa Yoga 7:15am45 minutesBalance StudioMarta
12:00Atomic 12:00pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
12:15Reformer 12:15pm45 minutesReformer StudioSara
12:30Absoglutely 12:30pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesSheridan
17:15Club Fiesta 5:15pm45 minutesGroup Fit StudioEmma
07:15Reformer 7:15am45 minutesBalance StudioAntonio
12:00Contender 12:00pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesChristine
12:15Mat Pilates 12:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioFern Smyth
12:30Redline 12:30pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesChristine
17:15Reformer 5:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioMarta
17:15Atomic 5:15pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesAntonio
07:15Vinyasa Yoga 7:15am45 minutesBalance StudioMarta
12:15Loaded 12:15pm30 minutesS Connect ClassesViresh
12:15Vinyasa Yoga 12:15pm45 minutesBalance StudioMarc
12:15Core Blast30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioAndrew
16:45Cancelled30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioAndrew
11:30Hiit30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioSean
12:30Vinyasa Yoga45 minutes*dexus Wellness Studio*Linton
16:45Hiit30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioSean
11:30Hiit30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioNeisha
12:15Abs, Butt & Thighs30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioNeisha
12:30Mat Pilates45 minutes*dexus Wellness Studio*
12:15Strength Circuit30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioSean
12:15Strength Circuit30 minutesSurge Fitness StudioClem
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Important Information Regarding Your Surge Fitness Membership.

Yesterday’s announcement from our Prime Minister ordering the immediate closure of Fitness Facilities across the nation is significant a blow to all of us across many Industries. We understand that this decision has been based on the best advice currently available to those responsible for our safety and with the Impending state border closures, and increasing community concerns, meant that this decision was unavoidable.

As such, it is with great sadness that we today announce that all Surge Fitness clubs will temporarily close, effective from 12pm today, Monday 23rd March 2020.

At Surge Fitness, we believe that we can make a difference, change lives and build healthy communities. As a brand, we still have a lot of work to do and we all believe that we can continue to positively impact our members and the local communities at large during this time of uncertainty.

Like many of you, our business is facing unprecedented impacts both on our people and our business and we will continue to work through the issues together as effectively as possible.

During this time of closure, all memberships will be placed on complimentary freeze until we are in a position to resume our regular services. Surge Fitness has been working on contingency plans throughout the past few weeks to provide ongoing services to our members such as online & virtual training platforms including numerous resources to help support our members physical and mental health well-being.

Further announcements will be made in the coming days with communications to be published both on our social media platforms and via email once the government has clarified their position regarding the forced closure directive.

On behalf of all of the team at Surge Fitness we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support over the years. As a team we have shared some memorable experiences with you all. Today's forced closure is just a minor setback in our Health & Fitness journey together.