Inspiring instructors

A huge part of Les Mills’ success can be contributed to their instructors. Each instructor is put through extensive training, including; quarterly workshops with master trainers and feedback videos. There is also the opportunity to receive private intensive training through Les Mills Groundworks workshop.

Les Mills’ instructors are passionate about their job. All instructors share a love of fitness and strive to change lives every day in a positive manner. This infectious culture rubs off on gym members, meaning everyone has a wonderful time and becomes inspired to get in shape.

Entertaining fitness classes

To help get you in the mood, Les Mills uses music to really create the experience. Music is a very important aspect of the fitness classes, which become all the more entertaining once you factor in great tracks. The tracks are selected carefully so as to compliment the style, speed, and exercise of each class. For example, a class like RPM will have a variety of beats to match the alternating tempos ranging from high to low intensity cardio work. In contrast, a class like BODYBALANCE which is a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates, requires a more chilled soundtrack.

The best part is that if your favourite tunes aren’t played in a class you have the option to request it! Les Mills allows you to suggest a song you would love to hear in your next workout directly through their website.

Go at your own pace

Les Mills understands everyone is different. The instructors will motivate, but never force you to go beyond your comfort zone. If you’re a beginner, instructors will also offer alternative exercises for those who need a bit of a break during classes.

Variety of workouts

Another of the many awesome things about Les Mills is the diversity of their exercise classes. No matter the level of intensity or your skill level, there will always be a fitness class available to you. Currently, Surge Fitness features the following fitness classes at their gyms; BodyPump for strength, BodyAttack, BodyCombat and RPM for cardio, BodyBalance for flexibility and core work, and Sh’Bam for dance. You can also mix it up for variety and attend multiple classes during the week to ensure you receive a full body workout and incorporate cardio, strength and stretch into your routine.

Les Mills offers highly qualified trainers to deliver you fun and invigorating fitness classes around Perth. Open 24/7 with awesome tracks and diverse workouts suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Surge Fitness has teamed up with Less Mills instructors to promise you’re rewarded with every visit. Surge Fitness gym locations: Clarkson, Perth CBD (Kings Square) and Wanneroo.