Are you looking for a gym near Banksia Grove? Surge Fitness in Wanneroo is only a short drive from Banksia Grove and provides customers with every opportunity to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Surge Fitness in Wanneroo is also highly convenient for anyone who lives in Tapping, Carramar and Ashby with easy access on Wanneroo Road.

Surge Member Journey

All new members are treated to the Surge Member Journey. This process helps you set and achieve your fitness goals as well as three free personal training sessions when you sign up. This process is fantastic for beginners or people trying to get back into exercise after some time off. You will be able to set out clear, defined goals which are achievable yet still keep you motivated. The help of a personal trainer will be beneficial towards setting you on the right track right from the start.



24/7 Access

Many of us lead very busy lives as we try to manage full-time work, raising a family, and attempting to fit in a little downtime too. For this reason, Surge Fitness is open 24/7 so you’re able to pop in whenever it suits you. If your schedule is unpredictable and you can’t commit to a strict routine, the 24/7 access means you’re comforted in the knowledge that you can still get that workout in no matter what. If you’re a night owl you can workout at 11pm and if you’re an early bird you can get your sweat on at 5am!

Fitness Classes

Surge offers a variety of fitness classes to cater to all ages and levels of fitness. The Les Mills fitness classes include Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM and Body Balance, to name a few. These workouts have a mixture of cardio, strength training, core stability and HIIT to suit your needs. Workout classes are highly desirable for people who are time poor, or don’t know how to work out on their own. Check the schedule on the Surge Fitness website to find a time to fit into your schedule.





Health Café

Enjoy healthy shakes and snacks at our café post-workout.

Get your coffee fix or catch up with a friend post-workout in the Health Café. Conveniently, you can buy healthy shakes and snacks which won’t set you back after a killer sweat session. There’s also a crèche, so if you would like to have a few extra minutes to yourself after your workout then you’re able to leave your children in the crèche and extra that coffee.
The Members Journey, 24/7 access, fitness classes and health café make your membership an easy transition. Now that you know where to find a gym in Banksia Grove, feel free to have a browse of the Surge Fitness website and get in touch to ask any burning questions.