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S-Connect FGT & 8WC

Introducing Surge Connect. A community orientated functional training movement, backed by technology, coached by experts.

Surge Connect is one of the most unique & innovative Group Functional Training Experiences in Australia!

Now LIVE at Kings Square Perth CBD Coming soon to Clarkson & Wanneroo!

This exciting new program launches with a diverse range of 6 x signature functional workouts and our signature S-Connect Challenge

Partnering with ‘MyZone’ technology, Surge Connect, provides our members with a completely new fitness experience.

A program with a scientific approach to training, combining dedicated functional training zones with the very best heart rate technology.

Connect enables our members to gain maximum fitness results, with:

  • Live heart rate, effort & calorie monitoring
  • Team and professional support
  • Signature programs designed by fitness experts and industry leaders
  • The workouts are delivered in both 30 minute “Express” & 45 minute “Ultra” formats


Surge Connect is a functional training system that includes 6 exclusive, signature classes that promise to give you more opportunity than ever to reach your fitness goals!

Redline, Contender, Atomic, Loaded, Gravity & AbsoGLUTEly!

We have worked with some of the most respected fitness experts in the world to design this range of custom programs.

Think you have seen it all? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Our new Functional Training Spaces have been designed to create the most exciting training environment in the Perth CBD! We aim to get you fired up, motivated and inspired to be the best version of yourself every workout!

Match this custom fit out with world class equipment, a theatre atmosphere, expert programming, Myzone heart rate technology for accountability, specialist coaches & 360 views of Perth CBD, this is our recipe to ensure go farther with your fitness than you ever believed was possible!

With the integration of Myzone heart rate technology to form the basis for how our members receive feedback on how hard they are working, now everyone has a chance to win.

No longer do you have to be the fittest, fastest or strongest in the gym to win a challenge or receive recognition or reward.

Our new series of member challenges will be based on effort levels personalized to your own algorithm making it fair and equal. Now the only competition will be yourself!

The MZ-3 Belts are essential for all Surge Connect Functional classes & challenges.

The RRP is usually $199.

Bookings for these classes are essential and are now available via the Member Login portal on this website! Contact reception for your login details!

Download our Surge Connect brochure here to find out more:

S-Connect FGT & 8WC