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In this post we wanted to let you in on the secret to achieving your fitness goals. Are you ready? Here’s how to get fit and stay fit: overcoming excuses, even when you don’t want to exercise.

It’s easy to ignore the motivational information out there and think it doesn’t apply to you.

But whether you’re joining the gym for the first time or looking to regain motivation, the first step is overcoming the excuses and stepping through the door of Surge Fitness.

Once inside you will find a supportive community to help you maintain the motivation to get fit, lose weight, gain strength and improve your lifestyle.

How To Get Motivated For A Great Workout

Excuse: “I’m tired, it’s been a long week”

Motivation: “Going to the gym will give me energy”

Working out releases endorphins and other neurotransmitters that give you a big energy boost during and after exercise. Physical activity not only releases dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, it is also great for improving your cardiovascular system and metabolism.


Excuse: “I don’t know what I’m doing at the gym”

Motivation: “I’ll ask a Personal Trainer for help and start slow”

Learning how to get fit using machines and equipment you’re not familiar with can be daunting. When you first join Surge Fitness our PTs will get you familiar with the equipment. If you’re ever unsure of a push, pull, twist or lift then ask for help.


Excuse: “I’m intimidated by all the fit and buff people”

Motivation: “Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone is welcome at Surge Fitness”

Surge Fitness welcomes everyone of all physical abilities, backgrounds and ages (we even have memberships for kids). We encourage a supportive community where people help each other to achieve their fitness goals.


Excuse: “Work was tough, I just want to unwind at home”

Motivation: “Going to the gym means I’ve earned the reward”

After a taxing day at work it can be difficult to think of swapping office attire for gym clothes. But we can guarantee, among all the motivational information out there, feeling like you’ve worked hard for your reward is one of the most powerful persuaders. Just make sure not to undo all your good work with junk food!


Excuse: “I’m not seeing results”

Motivation: “Set small goals that build into big results”

Whether you’re working out to lose weight, get stronger, rediscover lost fitness or even “shredding for the wedding”, there is no such thing as overnight success. Big change comes in small steps: remember that next time you need some motivational information to get you into the gym.


Excuse: “I don’t like working out alone”

Motivation: “Why not try a group fitness class?”

Group fitness is a great way to get fit, socialise, and learn new workout techniques all at the same time. If you’re struggling to find the motivation with your current exercise program or just starting out and don’t want to go it alone, check out the huge range of classes on offer at Surge Fitness.

Feeling motivated? Join Surge Fitness this month and we’ll not only waive the joining fee, we’ll give you 3 PT sessions for free. There’s no better motivation to kick-start your fitness journey!