Healthy Post-Workout Cafes – Surge Fitness

After a good workout it’s important to fuel your body with healthy food. Our group fitness classes are designed to take it out of you; repairing sore muscles and keeping your energy up calls for healthy and hearty food.

Thankfully there are great cafes near our Perth gym to fill you up with essential proteins and nutrients for a quick recovery.

These locally owned Leederville cafes are our favourite places to refuel after a gym session. Now we want to share them with you so you can reap the benefits of fresh, healthy food after a workout.

Pearth Organic Kitchen

Pearth quickly became Cambridge Street’s go-to healthy haven on after opening in December 2015. With a mission to source organic ingredients and support local businesses, this group of ultimate girl bosses led by founder Beck are known for seriously good sustainable food and coffee.

Creativity is the star in the kitchen. Using raw and locally sourced ingredients, the team pump out delicious dishes that are packed full of macronutrients.

After an early morning fitness class prepare for the day ahead with beetroot and coconut pancakes or sweet potato and carrot fritters (both $20.50) or go for the immune-boosting granola ($19) served with kombucha poached pumpkin, vanilla cream and crunchy almonds.

Acai Brothers

Started in Brisbane by best mates Ben Day and Sam Carson, Acai Brothers franchises quickly started popping up around the country. In just 5 years the brand has become famous for specialty smoothies, raw treats and of course Acai bowls chock-full of healthy nutrients.

Head to Leederville after the gym for a bowl of everyone’s favourite Amazonian superfood topped with fresh fruit, nuts, grains and creative infusions. Think essential oils and espresso mixed with Acai and you’re on the right track.

Our favourite workout recovery bowls are the Ain’t Nothin’ Butter packed with Acai, raw peanut butter and cacao for a 23g protein hit, or a Lemon Meringue with a huge 29g of protein from acai, banana, lemon essential oils and vanilla protein powder.

Of course, we can’t go past a good smoothie and Acai Brothers know what they’re doing. Gym Junkie delivers a delicious 28g of protein and the Muscle Milk a close second with 21g, both perfect for a post-workout drink that will hit the spot and top up your depleted amino acids

Eat Drink Raw

We are eternally grateful that the geniuses at Eat Drink Raw opened a café on Hay St in West Perth after their office delivery business took off. These are probably Perth’s tastiest raw plant-based salads, smoothies and desserts.

Everything is vegan, gluten and dairy free with no refined sugar. With all that 100% wholefoods goodness packed into every salad bowl and smoothie it’s no wonder Eat Drink Raw has become a regular post-workout meal spot for our trainers and Perth fitness class clients.

Breakfast after an early Perth gym session is sorted with banana and coconut bread from Honest Goods Co ($5) or a bowl of our favourite bircher muesli ($11). For lunch we can’t go past a protein nourish bowl ($14) or a big serving of raw nachos ($13) with guac, walnut mince and cashew sour cream. Don’t forget the range of raw treats ($3-5) for a guilt-free finisher. You’ve earned it!

Eat well, live well

After a punishing workout or group fitness class in our Perth gym there is nothing better for your body than a healthy meal full of protein and fresh ingredients.

Check the Surge Fitness class schedule to tee up a post-workout meal with your gym buddy and treat yourself to Leederville’s best healthy food after your next visit.