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Sweat, smile and repeat. Have fun when you workout and it won’t feel like work

I have been into extreme sports my whole life and currently compete as an elite level kitesurfer. I won the Australian National Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships in 2019 and was on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2017.

I know how much dedication and hard work is required to achieve your goals no matter what they are. I understand the mental challenges and how hard it can be to motivate yourself to keep going on those tough days.
I am a mother of 2 and I understand from first-hand experience the trauma that childbirth can do to your body and the day to day challenges of juggling kids, family, work health and fitness.

I believe your training should be fun, it’s your time to achieve something for yourself and it shouldn’t be a drag. My workouts always include something fun and challenging to keep you motivated and loving your workout.

I have over 15 years of coaching experience across a broad range of sports including gymnastics, ninja warrior, mobility, flexibility, mountain biking and kitesurfing,



  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid & CPR
  • Advanced Trampolining
  • Intermediate Gymnastics
  • Advanced Kitesurf
  • 2017 Ninja Warrior Contestant on channel 9
  • 2019 Australian National Champion Freestyle Kitesurfing (Open Women)
  • 2018 Western Australian State Champion Freestyle Kitesurfing (Open Women)
  • 2017 Western Australia Gymnastics for All Coach of the year
  • 2010 5th in the World Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships
  • 2010 2nd National Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships
  • 2007 2nd National Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships
  • 1999 WA Women’s State Champion Cross Country Mountain Biking

Specialist in

  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Functional training
  • Sports specific performance training
  • Core strength
  • Womens health
  • Fat loss / weight loss
  • Gymnastics / callisthenics
  • Handstands