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A Little Progress Each Day Will Add Up To Great Results, Once you control your mind, you will conquer your body, A Positive Attitude Will Lead To Positive Outcomes

Old habits and subconscious self-sabotaging beliefs could be preventing you from living the life you deserve. Set yourself, and complete, one or two achievable goals each day and you will start to feel amazing and change the way you think about your health and fitness. Helping people achieve their health & Fitness goals is so rewarding and is why I love my profession and the industry I work in.

Nothing in life is more precious than your health. Health means you have increased energy, vitality, creativity, attention span and mental focus, allowing you to achieve more in the pursuit of what matters most to you.
Whether your goal is to fit into your old clothes, feel better about yourself or to prevent injury, a customised personal training program to suit your current ability and needs as well as your commitment and willingness to learn, will certainly help you on your way.

In 3 Months from now will you thank yourself, or kick yourself…it’s your choice.


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid
  • HIRT Strength Training
  • THUMP Boxing
  • MetaFIT
  • MetaPWR

Specialist in

  • Weight-loss
  • HIRT Strength Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning (Metafit & MetaPWR)
  • Menopausal Weight Management
  • Swedish Massage (Lymphatic Drainage & Relaxation)
  • Nutrition Advice