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jakeb byfield

Working smart and working hard are not mutually exclusive

I started my member journey with Surge Fitness Clarkson in 2012. I understand what it’s like trying to get started at the gym and I also understand how intimidating it can be. As a personal trainer, it’s my mission to make every one feel welcome here at Surge Fitness. Even though my fitness journey has taken me to many establishments and through multiple training styles, Surge won me over with their attention to client based service.

I decided to get qualified in personal training because I found people continuing to ask me for advice regarding their training, fitness and lifestyle goals. This took me to North Metropolitan TAFE where I studied a certificate III and IV in Fitness for 9 months. This enables me to continue providing quality support and knowledge to people freely, whilst taking it a step further with those people who really want to boost their results with personal training.

I specialise in holistic solutions to people’s problems, making it my responsibility to stay both informative and empathetic, providing my services.


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Specialist in

  • Sport Specific Training
  • Motivation (CBT)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hypertrophy
  • Advanced Methods of Overload
  • Body Composition (Weight Loss/Toning)