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coenrad mouton

Instead of telling you about myself (that’ll come later with coffee); I’d rather give you raw information about why I will help you become the best you can possibly be. Conditioning and changing body composition has always been my passion.

I’ve been training since I was eight years old. I can honestly tell you that I’ve tried everything I thought would work- to put on size, lose fat, play sport better and lift more. Being the best you can physically and mentally be, and helping others to achieve that is my obsession. Training with me won’t be about me holding your hand through every session; I want to empower you with the knowledge and the mentality to get the very best out of life. Not just your training. That’s only part of it. The minute you step out of the gym, that’s when the challenge really begins.

Rely on my experience, and learn from the mistakes I’ve made. Don’t put unnecessary speedbumps in your journey.


  • Third year BSc In Chiropractic Student
  • Master Trainer
  • Advanced Performance
  • Boxing Certification
  • Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning Certification
  • Effective Movement Training Certification
  • 10 Years Personal Strength & Conditioning Experience

Specialist in

  • Motivation, mindset & lifestyle change
  • Permanent, sustainable fat loss
  • Strength & conditioning for performance & aesthetics
  • Joint mobility & rehabilitation; experience in treatment of sciatica, back pain, shin splints, knee pain, shoulder pain & kinetic chain dysfunctions
  • Preparation & facilitation for being pain free in the work place; experience in everything from desk jobs to the ADF