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ash jones

I don’t believe in inspirational quotes, I believe in hard work.

As the head female coach for EPT where results-based training is our speciality, my aim is to transform you physically, mentally and emotionally towards your goal.

I advocate for building positive behaviours through nutrition and training to build a healthy sustainable life. Since starting in the health and fitness industry I have specialised in female transformations where I aim to build a community of strong women.
The more involved I got in the industry I realised more and more people needing education on how to build healthy, positive habits. A positive mindset is incredibly powerful, and I integrate mindfulness strategies into my coaching to ensure my clients are progressing holistically towards their goals.

At EPT we don’t just train our clients, we believe in COACHING them into a better way of living, a healthier lifestyle and equipping them with the essential tools to better their health and their lives.


  • Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training
  • Poliquin Hypertrophy Specialisation

Specialist in

  • Body Transformations
  • Female Transformations