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COVID-19 Safety Updates

Updated 27/01/2022

Dear Members,

You will be aware of the State Government announcement on 13 January 2022 which has mandated that from 31 January 2022, double dose proof of vaccination will be required at all gyms and fitness centres in WA, including Surge Fitness facilities for those aged 16 and older, as a condition of entry.

Whilst the announcement made by the State Government is general in nature only and gives no particulars or directions as to how those issues are to be dealt with, by either Surge or our members, it is incumbent upon us to implement a process to ensure Surge Fitness is compliant with the announced mandate. Surge has spent the last 10 days obtaining advice from the authorities and regulatory bodies and we can now announce our planned response to the mandate and actions to be taken from 31 January 2022.

We appreciate our members, like the community generally, have vastly different views about vaccines and the application of mandates and Surge Fitness respects the right of each of you to make your own choice to deal with your own personal circumstances as you decide.

However, it is necessary for Surge Fitness to recognise we must implement processes to ensure Surge Fitness, and possibly our members, is not the subject of adverse consequences from action taken by the State Government.

The past 2 years has been incredibly difficult for many of you and this latest government directive will come as a sudden blow to a number of our members. As a business we have reviewed several mandate response options, but ultimately, we are obligated to implement and enforce the mandate conditions. Surge Fitness will therefore be complying with the State Government vaccine mandate and will follow the directions given to us as WA prepares to grapple further with the pandemic, and work on ways to minimise impacts wherever possible, both to our team and the communities and members we support.

We continue to be frustrated about the lack of detail or direction on the mandate implementation, but after considerable discussion Surge Fitness have chosen to implement the process referred to below to comply with the mandate requirements and to treat all of our members, irrespective of their choice, as fairly as possible.


The Immediate Future

The mandate requires, from 31 January 2022, Surge staff to request each member (in fact anyone) entering a Surge Fitness facility to produce information that confirms their double vaccination status. If anyone entering a Surge Fitness facility is unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons, they will need to be able to verify to Surge Fitness they are exempt from vaccination due to a medical condition. It should be noted that all Surge Fitness personnel are also required to meet the conditions set out in the mandate.

Proof of COVID-19 double vaccination status can be in either digital or paper-based form, along with approved identification, if not using the new ServiceWA app.  This is a shared responsibility and we ask all members to cooperate with requests made by Surge Fitness staff for vaccination status.

To minimise inconvenience to members you may provide evidence of your vaccination status in advance of, or subsequent to, 31 January 2022 by any of the following methods:

  • emailing a PDF copy of your vaccination certificate(s) to your home club
  • emailing a smart phone screen shot of the vaccination digital certificate(s). to your home club
  • provide details in person to Surge staff at the relevant check in counter at your home club

Home club email contact details:

  1. Clarkson:
  2. Wanneroo:
  3. King Square:
  4. Butler:

It is acknowledged these arrangements may not be convenient for members who avail themselves of Surge’s 24/7 offering. Surge Fitness staff will be happy to assist in receiving your vaccination evidence in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, the mandates apply to all of our members, irrespective of the manner in which they utilise the Surge Fitness facilities, and Surge Fitness is unable to exempt any member from the requirements.

Pursuant to privacy legislation this information will only be used to enable Surge Fitness to maintain a list of those members who have provided their vaccination status. This list will be cross referenced with bookings and entries and thereby enable staff, where possible, not to require proof of vaccination on each visit.

Access to Surge Fitness Facilities

It must be made clear that any member who is unable to produce the required evidence will, from 31 January, be refused entry to the relevant Surge facility.


It will also remain a requirement for members to scan the SafeWA QR Code at the entry points upon arrival to record their visit.


What Happens To My Membership If I’m Not Compliant

We recognise the announcement made by the State Government on 13 January about the need for any person over the age 16 who wishes to attend a gym or fitness centre must be double vaccinated has created considerable frustration, not just for Surge Fitness, but also for a number of our members

Surge Fitness recognises the right of every person to make a choice about their vaccination status for their own health and wellbeing reasons, but is forced to comply with the State Government mandates as a legal requirement and to avoid the imposition of substantial penalties to Surge and possibly also its staff.

It is recognised that for those members who are not double vaccinated as at 31 January 2022 they will not be able to attend a Surge Fitness Facility or fitness centre or take advantage of the various services which are offered by Surge at our facilities.

Surge Fitness recognises there may be a number of circumstances involved, over and above the choice of the member, in relation to their vaccination status. Accordingly, Surge Fitness wishes to ensure those members who are impacted are treated fairly and not prejudiced, whether due to their own personal choice or as a result of other factors.

Accordingly, Surge has made the decision to offer various alternatives for members to access. If you wish to discuss any of these alternatives, then please email your home club to enable the appropriate arrangements to be made.

Face Masks

The wearing of a face mask will continue to be mandatory at all times when inside Surge facilities. The exception to this rule will apply when undertaking vigorous exercise.

It is a requirement that at all other times a face mask must be worn, including when visiting the bathrooms or moving to another part of the facility.



As part of the duty of care towards members and compliance with the State Government requirements all Surge staff will be required, by a separate mandate for employees in the fitness industry, to adhere to these requirements when attending a Surge facility.

Please be mindful when visiting from 31 January that the management and staff will be treading new territory and patience may be required on busy days while vaccination records are being checked.

Our staff have been and are continuing to do an exceptional job in the circumstances and we continue to expect they be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

It is important to note that the recent mandates are from the State Government and were not initiated by Surge Fitness or any of our staff. Since the government announcement was made on 13 January, our staff have been subjected to numerous instances of frustrations being vented from a minority of members. As such, it would be greatly appreciated if you could be respectful and understanding in the manner in which you deal with our staff in your interactions with them on this matter.

The Future

As the Omicron COVID strain moves amongst the Perth community it is possible that further restrictions will be mandated that will impact upon Surge and our members, but we will continue to adapt to deliver the Surge experience and service we are dedicated to provide for your health and wellness.

In the meantime, if any Member has any questions about the mandatory vaccination policy and compliance protocols, please contact your home club during staffed hours.

Yours in Health,

Surge Fitness


Updated 20/01/22

Perth, Peel and the South West

Public health and social measures are in effect for the Perth and Peel (including Rottnest Island) and South West region.

If you have visited an exposure site during the relevant times, you are required to follow the corresponding health advice issued for that location, unless directly advised otherwise by the Department of Health. If you have or develop symptoms, get tested, self-isolate and phone 13 COVID (13 26843).


Masks are required in the following settings:

  • at all public indoor settings
  • in all vehicles unless the person is travelling alone or with members of the same household
  • at residential aged or disability care facilities, both indoors and outdoors
  • at a hospital.

Anyone who has been in Perth and Peel (including Rottnest Island) regions since Thursday 6 January, 2022 must also follow the mask requirements for two weeks after leaving these regions.

Anyone who has only been in the South West since Wednesday 12 January, 2022 must also follow the mask requirements for two weeks after leaving this region.

It is recommended you wear a mask outdoors where physical distancing is not possible.

There are exemptions from wearing a face mask, including for medical reasons, vigorously exercising indoors and primary school aged children or younger.

Safety requirements:

All people and premises are required to mitigate the risks of COVID-19. In addition to having
a COVID Safety Plan and displaying a COVID Safety Plan Certificate, Sport and Recreation
premises must:

 maintain contact registers;
 maintain hygiene and frequent cleaning; and
 carefully manage shared spaces to encourage physical distancing.

We all need to do our part to comply with these requirements and help mitigate the risks of
Covid 19.

Club Access

✅We will have a strict no towel, no workout policy.

✅You will be asked to sanitise your hands both as you enter and leave our clubs.

✅Everyone attending our clubs MUST sign in using the “Safe WA” app or a written contact register and also must individually SCAN their Surge Fitness access cards.

✅You will be asked to wear a face mask when entering/leaving our clubs and for the duration of your visit. An exemption to this rule is while exercising vigorously, eating and drinking. If you have a genuine medical exemption please contact our club management PRIOR to your visit so that we can update and note this on your account.

✅ Bookings for all classes and creche will continue to be 100% mandatory.


Group Fitness Timetables:

Classes bookings via the Surge Fitness App!

We ask for your patience while we work with our available staff and instructors as we manage restrictions.

Please note that some modifications to class duration, capacity and formats will remain in place as per WA Government guidelines.

The full list of all available classes and descriptions is available on our website via the “Our Classes” tab. We will endeavour to launch with our standard timetable this weekend, however, please understand there may be some schedule changes due to safety, staff welfare and restrictions.

Class Bookings

To assist us with managing max capacity and encouraging physical distancing as per government advise, our current class booking procedures will remain in place.

To enable Surge Fitness to deliver on our members expectations, we require your assistance in ensuring that all our members abide by the booking and cancellation procedures in place for the group training timetable.

Whilst we understand that circumstances may change we would respectfully request that if you are unable to attend any class that you please cancel your booking ASAP to avoid any disappointments for members who have been unable to attend due to limited availability. Please note no-shows will be monitored and may face penalties.


In addition to the excellent hygiene standards already in place at our creche facilities, Surge Fitness will also be implementing some extra procedures to ensure our members and families are kept safe. Our team and professional contractors are doing an additional deep clean today, ready for your return.

At Surge Fitness, protecting the health and safety of our team, members, kids and visitors (as well as their families and friends), is our utmost priority. All families using our creche services and kids classes are required to sign a declaration form when entering the centre. Our staff and management have all received full training and communication on the additional cleaning schedules and the latest advise/certification provided by the WA Health Departments for child care centres.

Cleaning, Hygiene & Safety Procedures:


As an extra precaution, for the past 20 months, all equipment and high touch point areas in each club are treated with Zoono 30 days surface treatment prior to opening. No matter what the cost, Surge Fitness are committed to investing the necessary resources to ensure we have the cleanest & safest facilities for our members, staff and their families.

Zoono products have been extensively tested and proven to kill a wide range of pathogens to provide the highest level of protection and dermatologically tested to be safe on sensitive skin.

Zoono’s Z-71 Microbe Shield (the same Zoono technology used in Zoono hand sanitiser) is > 99.99% effective against COVOID-19.

More information about Zoono and its effectiveness against COVID-19 is available here:

Club Cleaning:

We will continue cleaning rotations in high touch points across our clubs.

You will notice our PT’s and staff conducting extra sanitisation of equipment throughout the day and reminding members to do the same.

We are encouraging good hygiene practices with additional sanitiser dispensers and paper towels provided at high touch points in our clubs and the display of government health authority notices.

Implemented strict internal procedures, policies and guidelines with all our staff and management teams to ensure we continue to provide a healthy work/workout environment for all in our communities.

Steps we ask you to take prior to returning to club:

* If you have been in close contact with a proven case of Coronavirus, please do not attend the club and advise the centre manager.

* Please ensure you wear a face mask at all times within our clubs. Please report any member removing their mask, or refusing to wear a mask, to our team.

* Please help us keep our community safe. Do not enter our club if you have had close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19. Please get tested.

* Do not enter the club if you are currently unwell.

* Help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please ensure you sanitise your hands on entering and exiting our club.

* Please wipe down, sanitise and return all equipment after use.

* Please respect social distancing guidelines at all times.

* We encourage you to continue to bringing your own props such as Yoga mats and boxing gloves to classes.

* Please follow and pay attention to all club safety signage and directions from our team.

* Please bring your own water bottle to club as our water fountains will still be unavailable.

* Please bring a clean sweat towel to the club and have visible at all times. Our staff will be completing routine checks and access to the club or classes will unfortunately be refused if you do not have one. We do have towels available for purchase at reception.

* Members and Visitors must scan/sign in to the club at all times. Access without a record of visit is strictly prohibited.

* Bookings for all classes will remain in place.

* CCTV checks will be completed and any members in breach of the club code of conduct or ignoring safety notices will have their complimentary 247 access privileges denied.

* Please DO NOT bring in friends or colleagues in to the club without prior approval/booking and sign in procedures being followed.

*Check into Safe WA

* Further information and updates are available on the Australian Government Department of Health website or your state health department’s website.

* Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss.

* Thank you for helping us provide a clean and safe environment for all members & staff.


Yours in Health & Fitness,

The Surge Fitness Team


Important Information Regarding Your Surge Fitness Membership.

Yesterday’s announcement from our Prime Minister ordering the immediate closure of Fitness Facilities across the nation is significant a blow to all of us across many Industries. We understand that this decision has been based on the best advice currently available to those responsible for our safety and with the Impending state border closures, and increasing community concerns, meant that this decision was unavoidable.

As such, it is with great sadness that we today announce that all Surge Fitness clubs will temporarily close, effective from 12pm today, Monday 23rd March 2020.

At Surge Fitness, we believe that we can make a difference, change lives and build healthy communities. As a brand, we still have a lot of work to do and we all believe that we can continue to positively impact our members and the local communities at large during this time of uncertainty.

Like many of you, our business is facing unprecedented impacts both on our people and our business and we will continue to work through the issues together as effectively as possible.

During this time of closure, all memberships will be placed on complimentary freeze until we are in a position to resume our regular services. Surge Fitness has been working on contingency plans throughout the past few weeks to provide ongoing services to our members such as online & virtual training platforms including numerous resources to help support our members physical and mental health well-being.

Further announcements will be made in the coming days with communications to be published both on our social media platforms and via email once the government has clarified their position regarding the forced closure directive.

On behalf of all of the team at Surge Fitness we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support over the years. As a team we have shared some memorable experiences with you all. Today's forced closure is just a minor setback in our Health & Fitness journey together.