Sick of seeing your teenager glued to their phone or cooped up in their bedroom? Sign them up to the gym to open up a world of fitness. Just as valuable as good nutrition, exercise is important in developing healthy habits for adulthood. By signing your teenager up to a local gym, you allow them to develop good fitness and wellbeing habits early on.

Learn more about the benefits of getting your teenager a gym membership.

Why Exercise is Important for Teenagers


Exercise is one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining good health. From developing a strong and healthy physique to improving mental health, exercise has an extensive range of benefits for teenagers as they go through adolescence.

Cardiovascular Health

From brisk walks on the treadmill to high energy movement in a group fitness class, any type of aerobic exercise is good for the heart and lungs. By getting your teen into the gym, you can aid their cardiovascular health and help to develop a healthier heart and lungs as well as improving overall oxygen delivery.

Injury Prevention

There’s no shortage of injuries when it comes to kids playing sports. From team sports like football and soccer through to tennis and golf, poor form, weak muscles and inadequate body awareness can lead to injuries. By getting involved with strength training, your teen can build on the protection of their joints to minimise injuries both in the gym and in everyday life.

Weight Control

Alongside a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise helps to keep weight under control. Your teen can take their pick out of fitness classes and solo workouts tailored to their preferences.

Mental Health

Just as important as the physical and emotional, mental health is significantly impacted by exercise. Responsible for releasing endorphins, exercise helps to regulate moods, build self-esteem, enhance confidence and encourage better sleep.

Disease Prevention

Regular exercise in all stages of life is important in minimising risks for diseases and conditions. From diabetes through to heart disease, a consistent exercise schedule is proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of developing a plethora of diseases later in life.

Healthy Habits

Good habits in adulthood are best formed as a teenager. Instead of getting used to being inactive, getting your teen into the gym allows them to solidify healthy exercise and wellbeing habits.

Getting into a new habit is much harder as an adult – especially when it comes to exercise. By signing your teen up for a gym membership, you allow them to work on their fitness, build new skills and develop a healthy relationship with exercise.

Get Your Kids into Surge Fitness

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