Ever wondered by people living up in mountains tend to be fit, healthy, live longer lives and have greater lung capacity? It isn’t just lifestyle – it’s also a little bit of science. Populations living and exercising at higher altitudes tend to get more out of their workouts thanks to the oxygen makeup of the air. Now, you can enjoy the rewards of training at altitude without having to journey high up into the mountains.

As a leading gym in WA, Surge Fitness is proud to bring the benefits of simulated altitude training to our members. Mimicking the effects of training high up in the mountains – where oxygen is less compared to sea level – you can accelerate fat loss, achieve your fitness goals faster and take your workouts to the next level. You can even train to reduce acclimatisation time before a high altitude expedition.

The Science Behind Altitude Training

Simulated altitude training is designed to mimic the effects of training at high altitudes with less oxygen in the air. While sea level air contains around 20.9% oxygen, air at higher altitudes generally contains around 15.5% oxygen due to oxygen molecules being further apart. With this drop in oxygen, the kidneys are triggered to produced erythropoietin; the hormone required for red blood cell production. Responsible for carrying oxygen through the body, an increase in red blood cells enhances the body’s ability to extract and deliver oxygen to muscles and organs.

Why Altitude Train?

Altitude training is gaining traction at leading gyms across the world. Offering clients increased endurance, performance, lean muscle tissue growth and strength outcomes, altitude training is transforming the way we exercise.

Improved Oxygen Delivery

When training at a high altitude, the body triggers a hormonal response that enhances the way oxygen is delivered and utilised throughout the body. Creating more blood vessels for oxygen to flow through, altitude training may lead to improved heart functionality, enhanced muscle performance and greater overall health. With more oxygen flowing through your body, recovery times are minimised while strength and endurance is enhanced.

Studies have also suggested a positive impact on stress reduction and sleep patterns, making altitude training a workout style that offers ongoing benefits.

Weight Loss Benefits

Ultimately, altitude training can help individuals lose weight fast and build lean, strong muscles with decreased recovery times. Altitude training allows you to burn up to 50% more calories than training at sea level, increases leptin levels and lifts your basal metabolic rate by up to 28% for both men and women.

If you’re looking to lose weight faster, increase your overall cardiovascular health and fitness and train like the professionals do, give altitude training a try.

Altitude Training with Surge Fitness

Surge Fitness is proud to be the first gym in WA to introduce simulated altitude training. With purpose-built facilities designed to accommodate the most effective, beneficial and rewarding altitude training workouts, we replicate conditions up to 5500 metres above sea level.

Find out more about altitude training at Surge Fitness. Contact your local club today.