Stuck on what to do with your kids these school holidays? Get them out of the house and into the gym with fun, exciting and engaging programs at Surge Fitness. Not just something to do, exercising with us helps with your child’s physical, mental and social development.

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

From building strong and healthy bodies to developing essential gross and fine motor skills, exercise has a huge range of benefits for kids of all ages.

Healthy Development

By encouraging regular exercise habits in childhood, you’re able to promote healthy growth and development. Kids who begin exercising young generally continue to value activity and movement as they head into adulthood, helping them to stay healthy and fit in the long term.

Cardiovascular Health and Weight Control

There’s no shortage of news when it comes to childhood obesity. Caused by poor diets and a lack of exercise, childhood obesity is tough to overcome. By signing your kids up for the gym, you can help to improve their cardiovascular health and control their weight with engaging and entertaining programs that hardly feel like exercise.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Allow your child to build on their fine and gross motor skills in a supportive and safe environment. Our gyms are structured to offer facilities, equipment and classes that enhance balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and posture. By building a healthier body, you can help to prevent injuries and maintain mobility so your child can live life to the fullest.

Mental Wellbeing

Exercise has been proven to enhance the mental wellbeing of children of all ages. Essential in their development and growth, regular exercise in any form has been linked to greater concentration, confidence, self-esteem, relaxation and stress relief. Plus, exercising in a social environment allows kids to build on their interpersonal skills and make new friends.

Get Your Kids Active at Surge Fitness

From tailored kids programs to creche services, Surge Fitness makes it easier than ever to get your kids active and involved in health and fitness.


With a creche on site, we’ve cultivated a safe, fun and engaging environment for kids. Our programs and facilities are completely tailored to the requirements of kids to ensure that they stay happy and entertained while you complete your workout.

Free Kids Classes

At Surge Fitness, we know that kids don’t work out the same way that adults do. In order for kids to stay motivated and excited, workouts need to be engaging, entertaining and rewarding. Our qualified instructors have created a variety of complimentary structured programs for kids aged 4-13 aimed on keeping them active while having a whole lot of fun.

Surge Junior

Looking for kids fitness gyms in Perth? Sign your kids up to Surge Fitness. Our Surge Junior memberships are heavily discounted for 14 and 15 year olds – ideal for keeping them busy these school holidays.

Learn more about our Surge Junior memberships and find your local gym. Contact your nearest Surge Fitness club for more.