For even the strongest and most admirable athletes, health and fitness has been a journey. Essential for living a longer, happier and healthier life, taking care of your health and fitness is a gift that keeps on giving.

At Surge Fitness, we help you reach your health and fitness goals. Find out more about our tips for pumping up your journey to fitness.


Rules to Follow in Your Fitness Journey


Before You Begin

When you start off on your fitness journey, you might not realise that you’ll have to make some sacrifices. You’ll need to schedule some time to workout and create a plan in order for your workouts to be consistent and achievable. Be realistic about the time you have to spend and acknowledge that results will not be instant – healthy bodies take time and effort.

If you’re headed to a gym, consider booking in for some group classes or completing some personal training to have the support of a professional when you first begin. It can be tough to familiarise yourself in a new environment, so the support of an instructor or PT is always helpful. Plus, you’ll learn new exercises and how to avoid injury.


During Workouts

Once you’ve become a little more comfortable in the gym, you can step up your training and try new exercises. Try compound exercises – movements that use multiple muscles at a time – to burn the most calories and work your full body. Resistance training with weights or bands can help you see results sooner and offer a greater challenge to bodyweight exercises.

After you’ve been working out for a while, you’ll find out what you’re weakest in and what needs more work. Start to dedicate some time to working on your weaknesses and building strength in areas you struggle with.


Staying Motivated and Consistent

After the honeymoon period of a new workout is over, it can be tough to keep motivated. In order to stay on track, it’s essential to set specific goals and challenge yourself. Even if you’re feeling sluggish one day, you’ll feel elevated after you see yourself get stronger and fitter.

If you’re finding yourself sick of your workout routine, inject some diversity and creativity in your week. Try a new group class or head over to a piece of equipment you haven’t used before. Most importantly – even if you feel completely unmotivated to head to the gym one day – make sure to stay active. A simple walk outside or stretching session can keep your body moving.


Meal Plans from Your PT

Did you know that many of our personal trainers have completed courses on nutrition and supplementation? At Surge Fitness, we firmly believe that training programs work best when paired with the right nutrition. Our PTs can give you tailored advice on the meals, nutrition and supplements to compliment your training program and help you achieve the best results sooner.



Meal plans vary depending on the qualifications, experience and specialisation of your personal trainer. But, most of our trainers work these costs into your training plan for a personalised diet and fitness regime.


Insider Tip

If you’re interested in nutrition support, make sure to mention it when you complete your Member Journey at the start of your membership. Your PT can chat with you about options to help you start your journey with the right meals and nutrition.

You can also chat with the team at reception or grab a card of the PT you’d like to train with from our PT board.


Consultations with a Qualified Dietician

Did you know that we’ve got a fully qualified and experienced dietician working with us in the CBD? We have allied health professionals we work with who could offer personalised and specialised advice and support for Surge Fitness clients. Talk to us if you want to learn more.


Get Started on Building a Better You

Fitness is a journey with ups and downs. At Surge Fitness in Perth, we help you stay motivated with group classes, personal training, new activities and nutrition and dietetics support. Let us help you change your health, body and mind one workout at a time.

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