Worried that a group fitness class won’t help you reach your individual fitness goals? Surge Fitness offers an extensive range of fitness classes in Perth bound to suit your preferences. From slow, chilled and calm to high energy and high impact, work out the way you want in a group fitness class. Plus, you can enjoy the mental and social benefits of getting moving and active in a group environment.

Range of Fitness Classes

At Surge Fitness, our qualified and talented instructors lead a wide range of fitness classes in Perth. Suitable for all fitness levels, we help you push further to reach your fitness goals.

Les Mills

Les Mills classes are dynamic workouts formulated to get your heart rate up, strengthen your muscles and increase your overall fitness. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll get a challenging workout in every class. With a diverse range of class types, including BodyPump for strength, BodyAttack, BodyCombat and RPM for cardio, BodyBalance for flexibility and control and Sh’Bam for dance, you can stick to one or take many to add variety to your routine.


Get your heart rate up and work on your cardio in one of our many Freestyle classes. From HIIT and Fit Step to Konga and Tabata, expect to feel energised and one step closer to your fitness goals after every class.

Mind & Body

Our Mind & Body fitness classes are all about strengthening the mental and physical connection through balanced and lengthening exercises. From Barre and Pilates through to a Yoga, Kung Fu and Self Defense, you’ll get a serious stretch combined with tough exercises that burn up your core and stabilisers.


For an undeniable cardio hit and intense workout for your lower body, cycle classes are the way to go. Ideal for shredding calories while working on toning the legs, waist and stomach, join in on an RPM or Cycle class to immerse yourself into a high energy workout combined with fantastic music and an exciting group atmosphere.


Interested in targeting a specific part of your body? Our Conditioning classes are for you. Work on those buns of steel with Legs & Core Tone Up and get your six pack started in Ab Blast. Whatever your fitness level, our Conditioning classes help you achieve your fitness goals faster.


Training for Warriors, also known as TFW, is a fitness program taking the world by storm. Used to train some of the best combat athletes, the TFW system benefits anyone looking to lose fat, build muscle and increase their fitness. As the only affiliate gym in WA offering TFW classes, our instructors help you get serious about your training by helping you work out like some of the world’s toughest. Join in on Hurricane Days, TFW Energy Circuit and TFW Hurricane classes in our Perth gyms.

Get Moving in a Surge Fitness Class

Reach your fitness goals in a supporting, challenging and inspiring environment. At Surge Fitness, our group fitness classes help you push harder, overcome obstacles and achieve incredible results.

Contact your local gym for more on our full range of group fitness classes and membership options.