1. Don’t Stress

It isn’t uncommon for people to panic and embark on a crash-diet after a period of overindulging. We’ve all been there! Unfortunately, you’re likely to do yourself more harm than good. Sure, the idea of losing weight rapidly sounds like an amazing concept, however, one thing most of us aren’t aware of is the strain it puts on our heart. According to Dr Jennifer Rayner from the University of Oxford, crash-diets can cause what’s called “transient deterioration in heart function,” which in lay terms basically means our heart’s fat content increases by a whopping 44%! This leads to the heart’s decreased ability to pump blood as it’s now surrounded by excess fat. Hmmm. Rethinking that crash-diet, yet?

2. Resist the Sugary Snacks

So now that you know crash-diets are a bad idea, we’ll get started on how you can shed a few kilos the healthy way. Firstly, you need to cut the sugar. Some of us will be left feeling ill after a major chocolate-binge, but some might end up craving even more! Instead of reaching for those left-over Lindt bunnies, try Delish’s “Avocado Hummus” with some vegie sticks for your mid-morning office snack. For a more indulgent option, Keto Fat Bombs are so naughty it’s hard to believe they are actually sugar-free! See this link for more sugar-free snack ideas.

3. Get Keen on the Green

Sugar disturbs your body’s PH balance. Sugar is an acid forming food which leads to an acidic bodily environment. An acidic environment can cause a range of issues; from mineral depletion, calcium loss, bone weakening, cancers, and of course obesity.

To alkalise your body, throw in a few extra veggies at meal time and (where possible) choose organic. Vegetables such as; spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, alfalfa grass, garlic, cabbage and cucumber are just a few options you can add to your next meal to bulk up your vegetable intake and kick-start your body’s repairing and weight-loss process (source: Dr Axe).

4. Take Probiotics

It’s also a great idea to take probiotics. As high sugar consumption increases your levels of bacteria and yeast, your body can be severely disrupted. Probiotics restore balance. You can consume more probiotics through food like natural yogurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and sour pickles (source). Alternatively, you can buy a probiotic supplement from the chemist.

5. Water, water, water!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated too. Water is essential to our health and at high levels, sugar can cause dehydration. Try to drink at least 1 litre per day to ensure you’re keeping the fluids up.

6. Sleep

If you’re feeling drowsy during the day it could also be linked to your sweet tooth. Sugar at high levels can disrupt your sleep patterns, as well as the overall quality of your rest, according to sleep.org.

7. Sweat out the Sugar

Finally, you need to sweat. The higher our heart rate gets and the more intense the exercise is, the more sugar we burn. Get down to the local gym for your own workout, or check out group fitness classes around Perth to help you out.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to cure your Easter hangover, but with these 7 tips you will be well on your way to a fitter and healthier you very soon! Just remember a combination of a healthy diet and exercise is always the safest option. If you’re interested in a membership with Surge Fitness, contact us today!